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2008-04-12 15:33:20 by Slashnsmash

Hello Newgrounds, if you're on this page then you're probably a listener to my music, and if you are i would like to thank you for checking it out xD. I'm a huge jazz listener and i really enjoy listening to it and making it. I have a few jazz songs on NG, if you havn't heard them please check them out, i also have some non-jazz stuff out that i feel is equally pretty damn good. Music is something that you have to put your heart and soul in to, you can't just throw together some pre-made drum and guitar loops and then call that a song. The making of a good song can only come from your heart, and that's what i believe is good about my music, it reflects who i am as a musician. So, thanks for checking out my stuff, and if you want me to check out your music and review it, feel free to ask!